Yohi2018 Chinese Traditional Instrument Dizi Bitter Bamboo Flute For Beginners

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Chinese Traditional Instrument Dizi Bitter Bamboo Flute for Beginners
Chinese traditional instrument bamboo flute, key of C/ D/ E/ F/ G for options.
Natural bitter bamboo material with glossy surface, exquisite workmanship.
Detachable design, single insert, cupronickel joint, easy to assemble and carry.
Accurate tone, clear and pure sound produced by precise tone holes.
A great musical gift for persons who are interested in Chinese traditional music.

Key: C/ D/ E/ F/ G (optional)
Main Material: Bitter Bamboo
Joint Material: Cupronickel
Item Size: 66 * 2.7cm/ 26 * 1.1in(C); 61 * 2.5cm/ 24 * 1in(D); 56.5 * 2.5cm/ 22.2 * 1in(E);  51.5 * 2.2cm/ 20.2 * 0.9in(F); 48 * 2cm/ 19 * 0.8in(G)
Item Weight: 155g/ 5.5oz (C); 123g/ 4.3oz(D); 117g/ 4.1oz(E); 91g/ 3.2oz(F); 79g/ 2.8oz(G)

Package List:
1 * Bamboo Flute
1 * Chinese Knot
#Chinese Knot


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