V7 Toning Light (40 gram)

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Product Code: BOON 2042

Product Description: 40g, BIOAQUA7 Tonic Light Cream Bleaching Skin Care Moisturizing Women Face Cream Skin Care Products Anti-Acne Whitening Mask Product Features: 1 Lighting color: can make skin smooth, whitening 2 Soothe the skin: Soothe the skin and improve the dull skin 3 Fine pores: To improve the pores thick, tighten the skin, so that the skin becomes soft and silky How to use: 1 Clean the face with warm water 2 Take a little and apply to the face 3 Massage to be absorbed Between the sexes: female Brand Name: BIOAQUA The package Contains: 1 xBIOAQUA Whitening Cream 50g Note: 1. Stored in a dry place, dark place; 2. Avoid contact with the wound; 3. Undesirable effects discontinue use.


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