Universal Manual Water Pump Dispenser Recommended For 19 Ltr Bottle Code Ghw-106

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  1. Made from high-quality PC plastic, it has a long service life, keeps bacteria and dustproof, and is easy to use. It is suitable for most 5 or 6-gallon water bottles.
    An affordable drinking water pump designed to quickly and easily empty all sizes of water gallons. There is no need to disassemble large heavy water bottles and spilled water. No bigger heavy water dispenser!
    The easy-to-use water cooler pump is suitable for most 5 or 6-gallon water bottle kettles and provides 8 ounces of water in seconds.
    The internal locking tube system helps to pump water to suit all sizes and allows you to completely empty the bottle. Unique fasteners are suitable for most spiral top kettles, reducing the number of bacteria that can contaminate water.
    Unique fasteners reduce the number of bacteria that can contaminate water, eliminating the need for batteries, and can be quickly or slowly dispensed using vacuum action as needed.
    The discharge port with the sanitary cover prevents confusing bacteria and does not require a battery. Use vacuum action to dispense quickly or slowly as needed.
    The water switch is the best selling point for you to stop water at any time. It may be necessary when you are camping in the playground or going to school because you can't bring a water dispenser.


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