Spin Microfiber Mop With Stainless Steel Basket 360° Degree & Wheels+1 Mop Heads

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Cart it Along!

Promotion Pack Included: Stainless Steel Basket + Stainless Steel Wheels

Attractive pail design now with WHEELS & foldable telescopic handle. Easily cart your heavy pail of water from room to room with ease. Telescopic handle is made of durable polymer plastic.

Now with even L-A-R-G-E-R Pail Capacity

Largest pail liquid capacity of 6.5L among EASY MOP models line up. Make less refill trips and easily drain heavier dirt from the bottom of the pail simply by unplugging the rubber cork.

Other Features

Convenient washing and drying with durable stainless steel basket

Stainless steel sturdy Spin Mop Handle

Convenient water drainage outlet & incorporated detergent dispenser

Microfiber mop head for strong water absorption and dirt trapping properties

Easily replaceable & readily available spare parts for future continuous use

Product Specifications:

Bucket Capacity : 6.5L

Bucket Dimension :  45(L) x 25(W) x 23(H) cm

Spin Mop Dimension : 36cm (cloth span diameter) x 125cm (handle length)


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