SHIMANO Shimano PRO road car accessories limited edition sports to take control

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How to make the PRO limited fleet version look good with tape
Take the belt as the main component of the loss goods and color matching party
Learn to handle the tape yourself
Absolutely one of the skills of an old driver

Take a few more colors to find the right feeling
Take the belt type and try more to know which one is the best
Dead work

Fix the belt and bend holder of the speed change and brake line,In order to prevent winding, the line keeps moving and convenient to concentrate on winding


Reserve half of the belt area suspended, from the beginning of the 3-5 winding winding circle, and then the suspension of the belt into the inside of the bend, the use of blocking the belt.


Take the gel on the inner side as the reference line and wrap it up evenly.


A short belt that covers the length of the metal ring is attached to the handle ring pad when it is winding to the variable speed handle.


Continue winding and pressing short belt and circle around the speed change handle.

Keep the belt in the winding process,
So that every place can stand close to the bend.
The length of short handle of metal ring for shield handle should not be too long,
Just right, beautiful and unobtrusive.
Properly set aside the ends
The gap between the center of the handlebar and the center of the handlebar,
Show beautiful PRO LOGO just like!


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