SAMU GIKEN Multifunction Hand Blender 600W With 8 Speed Hand Blender

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If you’re trying to make gourmet pumpkin soup and your home blender just doesn’t cut it, SAMU GIKEN 600W Hand Blender Set is what you need. With sharp blades and ergonomic handles, your tired hands can now have some rest and let Bayers 600W Hand Blender Set do the job for you. The multiple speed settings gives you a wonderfully smooth result in seconds. Preparing healthy and delicious homemade soup has never been so easy! SAMU GIKEN 600W Hand Blender Set is worth all the money you invest. With stainless steel blades, it is ready to blend anything that you need. From making gourmet soups, to blending ingredients SAMU GIKEN 600W Hand Blender Set is the best multi-function appliance your kitchen should have. Besides blending, this hand blender can also be turned into a whisk. Whip away all your purées, soups, milkshakes, smoothies and mayonnaise in no time at all. Features: 2 Speed with 8 Variable Speed Control Power Supply: 220V - 240V, 50Hz Turbo Button LED poewr light indicator with button lighting Cup capacity 860ML Measuring Cup 600ML Low noise level Modern ergonomic design Easy to use & clean Rated input power 600W Colour: Black Stainless Steel Blade & nozzle Suruhanjaya Tenaga Approved


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