SAMSUNG Virus Doctor Ionizer Air Purifier SA-C600 /Air Care Air Purifier Cleaner

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Samsung Air Purifier SA-C600
Blue : SA-C600B
Withe : SA-C600W

Size : 96(D) x 255(H) x 113(W) mm
Power consumpting : 4W
Clean range " 10m2


[Masterpieces air beyond the clean air Virus Dotor+]
 - Healthy and comfortable air
 - Active Clean Technology S-Plasma ion
 - Remoning influenza virus causing cold
 - Reving Various bacteria and mold
 - Reactive oxygen species neutralizing

[Active clean technology, S-Plasma ion]
 - S-Plasma ion is clean technology that filtered by using Reactive Oxgden and O2 Also, it is very usefil to remove such as virus, Germ, Allergy and so on.
It has patented function in the world.

[Eradication principles]
 - Created eradication iron will spread to find harmful substance.
 - When they find it, they will tabke the H(Hydrogen atoms) away.
 - The Germ taken H atorm by eradication iron will be destroyed.

[Remoing influenza causing of Flu]
 - Flu spreads with air faster, this Virus dortor can remove influenza virus.

[Removing Virus]
 - The S-plasma shich removing Flu virous about 99.99%


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