Proclean Industrial | Commercial | Residential Floor Dry Dust Mop

Origin Product From China

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Available Quantity: 500 Pieces

Tk. 930Tk. 1050


Great mops for floor cleaning on Industrial | Commercial | Residential Surfaces including hardwood floors; Heavy Duty Stitching Extends Mop Life, Improves Cleaning Performance and Launder ability

60 Inch Wide Dust Mop Broom Quick Change Head is Ergonomically Designed to allow the Frame to Rotate 360 Degrees; Provides Maneuverability in Hard to Reach Places

Aluminum Dust Mop Handle Telescopes Ranges from 600mm to 1360mm Long; Allowing it to Reach Under Objects or Adjust to Various User Heights

Wood Floor Mop | We recommend checking with your manufacturer before choosing between Nylon or Natural Cotton; with increased durability Nylon can be repeatedly machine washed, while soft to touch it is slightly more coarse than natural cotton


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