Potty Training Seat For Kids Boys Girls

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Description :
Size: 33.5*33.5*12.5cm 
Color: pink 
Material: PP+PU 
Does not contain BPA. 

"Safety and comfort - slide-resistant bars and adjustable levers hold the bedpan training seat firmly in place and handle provides additional safety.This increases the baby's confidence and eliminates the fear of falling down the toilet. 
Easy to clean and stylish design - you'll love our potty training chairs for clean and stylish design.Strong seats make them more hygienic because there are no cracks to hold bacteria.In addition, an integrated urine splash preventer prevents accidents from happening on the floor. 
Applicability - portable training seats are suitable for children aged 1-7, most toilets are suitable for both men and women. 
Our bedpan training seat contains no harmful substances. It protects the baby's skin. It is soft and comfortable.

Package include: 
1* children's toilet


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