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How to use: 1. Prepare the fruit you like, cut them into 1.5cm*1.5cm. Screw the body until the light shining blue, it means your bottle can work, if shining blue and red, it means you need to adjust your bottle, please check the edge of transparent part of bottle, there are magnets on there, only the base reacts the magnets, the juicer can work. 2. According to your personal taste, add water or milk to 30%-60%, put the fruit in and make them lower than 80% of the bottle. 3. Press the button. It takes 1 min to 3 min for tasty juice base on the softness of fruit. Gently shake the bottle at 10 sec to make it more delicious. 4.Turn off the machine and enjoy the fresh and healthy drink. 5. It will stop working after 90s automatically. Package Includes:  1 * USB juicer cup  1 * Micro USB charging cable  1 * user manual Spacifications: Material  Cup Cover - PP  Cup Body - PC  Cup Holder - ABS  Seal Ring - Silicone Voltage: 3.6V; Battery Charge Time: 3 hours; Charge Source: USB (Cable included) Current: 10 - 12A No Load Speed: 22000rpm Full Load Speed: 15000rpm Cup Capacity: 380 ml / 430ml (glass version) Tip:  - Before use, - Up side down the bottle and turn on for several seconds, and then tilt it 45 degrees to shake. - Before first use, please clean it, and it requires to charge about 3 hours with the usb cable. - When squeeze fruit, need to add some water or milk, too much or big fruit pieces or without water may get blades stuck. Upside down the machine so that the blades can start to run, then you can turn it back.  - Do not open the lid during motor running in case the fruit particles splash out to hurt someone around.  - To control the capacity of juice under the 70%-80% cup body capacity is appropriate.  - Before cleaning, make sure the machine is off and keep the machine base away from water, or it will not work. - Do not use when charging! - Do not use steel ball or corrosive liquid to clean the product! - This is a portable juicer, not mixer for meat, sticky and thick powder, soybean, nut! - No idling! No only water or powder, this is not mixer!! #PortableBlender #MiniFruitMixer #BottleCup #Portable


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