PETPET (Voucher RM36) S84/M76/L64/XL52 3 Packs Mega Pack

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Voucher Tape RM 3-2pcs, Voucher Pants RM 3-2pcs/Pack=Total RM12.00.
** Message for more detail about voucher redeemtion.

** Maximum 1 order for 2 Cartons.

Which to buy (no Voucher) mean we will take out the vouher from pack, please accept your diaper already opened.

Petpet, the Easy Diaper
The Petpet Jumbo not only saves your money but also your time. With the Petpet Jumbo, you will have no trouble in getting your baby into this super-easy-to-wear diaper. The Petpet Jumbo makes for a hassle-free protection for your baby.

Petpet, the Comfy Diaper
The Petpet Jumbo are so soft on your baby and is highly comfortable with its breathable cover. Your baby will not feel irritated and will be smiling all day long with the comfort that the Petpet Jumbo has to offer.

Petpet, the Super Diaper
The Petpet Jumbo will ensure that your baby will feel dry all day long with its super-absorbency and leak-proof diapers. This super diapers will ease up every mother’s life and will be faithful in keeping your baby comfortable, dry and smiling.


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