Pensonic Water Purifier Water Filter Mineral Pot PMP-15

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• Container Capacity : 15 Liter

• Filter Capacity : 48-71 Liter / day

• Type of Purification : Ceramic Filtration

• Dimension (mm): 660(H) x 315(W) x 315(D)

• Cartridge: PMP-15R1 / 15R2 / 15R3

1 Year Warranty by Pensonic Sales & Service Sdn. Bhd.

Customer Care Line: 1800-881-770

• Extra Protection
 -Extra bubble wrap to your item/order, to reduce the risk of item being damage / dented during shipment due to rough handling by the courier company.
-Minimize the hassle of returning item due to damage / dented.
-Worried free


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