Obien 3 In 1 Smartphone Accessories Set Phone Holder + Stylus + Wipes

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 1. 照片供示意参考,本产品实际出货不含iphone/iPad
 2. 颜色样式手机架的部份可供选择,触控笔为固定样式,擦拭贴图案则为随机出货
feature of product:
 ◎ triple smartphone accessories necessary
 phone stand:
 ◎ high grade aluminum alloy, and provides the best use of two angles of 20 degrees and 60 degrees
 ◎ suitable for all smart phones, Direct or lying Jieke
 ◎ with silicone material to prevent scratches and provides smartphone-slip function
 ◎ ultrafine conductive fiber tip sensitivity, high sense, washable
 ◎ metal pen body, good texture
 ◎ apply to all capacitive touch panel for smartphones
 Wipe posted:
 ◎ using microfiber cloth, easy to clean, not to hurt the screen
 ◎ can be directly adhered to the phone, easy to use
 Please note: 
 1 a schematic picture for reference, this product does not contain the actual shipping iphone / iPad
 2. Color Style mobile holder part to choose from, the stylus is a fixed pattern, texture wipe the case was randomly shipped

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