Multi-Purpose Cleaning Towels |12 Pcs Pack

Origin Product From China

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Available Quantity: 500 Pieces

Tk. 290Tk. 300


All cotton material

Long-lasting, and quick drying

Hand and machine washable

Strong, absorbent and multi-purpose cleaning use

Ideal for household, Restaurant, workshop, Automotive, Industry & Garage

100% Ultra Soft Microfiber

Better than the ones at the store in every way!

PERFECT FOR GLASS, SCREENS & MIRRORS. Our Microfiber towels are so smooth and gentle they are guaranteed to never scratch! Clean your Windshield, Tv, Laptop, Mirrors, and more with peace of mind you can’t get with other towels.

LINT FREE, SCRATCH FREE AND LIGHTWEIGHT. Ideal for detailing, cleaning interiors, cleaning glass, and drying gentle surfaces. Soft and absorbent, works great on wet surfaces.

IDEAL FOR MOST APPLICATIONS. You name it Office, Housing, Car, Janitorial, Gym, Kitchen and More. Excellent at trapping dust and polishing to a high shine. use dry for polishing or dusting. Dampen for tough clean up jobs.

Holds water extremely well! Super absorbent! Don't believe us? Just give us a try and you'll fall in love or your money back!


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