Mosquito Killer Bat - Black And Orange

Origin Product From China

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Available Quantity: 500 Pieces

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Product details of Mosquito Killer Bat - Black and Orange

Mosquito Killing Bat

Comes with LED torch light

Built to last

Made with ABS Plastic

Rechargeable battery

Charging time: 8 to 12 hours

About Mosquito Killer Bat



A Rechargeable Insect Killer


For people who are facing problems due to the increased infestation of mosquitoes, flies and other insects in their premises, the rechargeable electronic mosquito bat comes across as an excellent solution. The mosquito killer racket incorporates a unique three-layer design that is capable of killing several types of flying insects by passing relatively higher voltage of electric current for a short duration of time on coming in contact with the insect. Thanks to its compact design, the rechargeable mosquito killer racket with the led torch is extremely easy to accommodate making it convenient for you to carry it even when you are traveling outdoors.


Features an Easy-to-Use Mechanism


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