MorningQ 2 In 1 LCH Store Korean Best-Selling 1.5 L Multi Cooker SHC-1000

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1. Korean Best Selling Product. Shipment from Korea.

2. Rated Voltage: 220 V, 60 Hz. Electric Power Consumption: 1100W, Capacity: 1.5 L (Cooking 2 x Ramen at a time), Hot Plate Size: 275 x 80 mm, Cooking Pot Size: 220 x 70 mm, Roast Pan: 260 x 25 mm

3. 2 in 1 Muiti Cooking: Cooking Pot + Roast Pan. Possible to Cook Various Kinds of Food.

4. The Cooking Pot: Ceramic Coating. Non Stick, Suitable for cooking salty and spicy food with seasoning.

5. The Roast Pan: Tefron Coating. Possible to Roast Meat, Ham, Sausage, Vegetables, etc.

6. Aluminium Die Casting: Durable, Fast and Even Heating.

7. Separable Pot and Pan: Easy to Wash, Possible to make a choice depending on kinds of food.

8. Hot Plate: Easy Heat Strength Adjustment to Max 200 Celsius Degrees with the slide lever. Usable Separately with other pots.

[What's in the Box]

1 x Main Body, 1 x Cooking Pot, 1 x Roast Pan, 1 x Glass Lid.


This is originally for Korean Customers. But, don't Worry. The English Manual is included together. You can use this easily withtout any troubles.


The plug of this product may not be compatible with sockets in your house. So, an international plug or adapter is necessary to use this product. You can find them so easily on Shopping Mall Websites.


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