Microfiber Spray Mop For Hardwood Floor Cleaning - Wet And Dry

Origin Product From Malaysia

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Available Quantity: 500 Pieces

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Quick and easy cleaning

Comes with full-size ready-to-use Bona hardwood floor cleaner original Formula

Easily refillable cartridge and machine washable Microfiber pad

Larger, more effective with flexible corners to prevent damage to baseboards and furniture

HOW IT'S DIFFERENT - This mop has a steel handle instead of an aluminum handle. That means the handle is much stronger so you can put force on it while cleaning without it bending or breaking. Other mops use aluminum handles and can bend or break easier. The steel pole makes it cost a little more than cheap aluminum pole mops, but it's worth it. This also has a spot scrub pad that cheaper mops don't have for cleaning tough grime.

PROFESSIONAL DESIGN & FEATURES – The 16 inch wide cleaning surface means you can clean faster, and the quality steel pole construction is sturdy and won't bend like cheaper aluminum pole mops - reliable and durable. It includes an over-sized 22-ounce bottle to allow longer cleaning while ensuring the mop stays light weight for easy use. A comfortable ergonomic handle and padded grip make cleaning simple.

SAVE MONEY – MACHINE WASHABLE – Save money on disposable mops and expensive refills compared to Swiffer. The microfiber scrubbing pad can easily be changed and can be machine washed up to 100 times. It’s easy to wash and reuse. The microfiber scrubbing pad also has millions of microscopic fibers that grab dirt, dust, hair, and moisture and reach deep into cracks to pick up more grime. The blue strips on the microfiber scrubbing pad add extra strength to clean up the toughest messes.

YOU CHOOSE THE CLEANING SOLUTION – You can clean environmentally friendly, or you can use the strongest cleaner you can find. The choice is yours. You choose the best cleaning solution for your needs. This spray mop can clean with pure water, or you can mix your cleaning solution of choice for hardwoods, tile, laminate, or other specialty surfaces.

MOP MULTIPLE SURFACES – WET OR DRY – The Spray Microfiber Spray Mop is the perfect mop to quickly and easily clean your kitchen, hardwood, tile, laminate, ceramic, vinyl, or concrete floors. The mop can be used dry as a duster or to pick up spills, or you can clean more by using it as a wet mop with water or the cleaner of your choice


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