Mashkalai Dal-500gm

Origin Product From Bangladesh

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Available Quantity: 500 Pcs


Mashkalai Dal

The value of pulses in Bengali kitchen has been around for ages. There is also diversity in pulses in exchange of taste, And the  dish of mashkalai is quite large. It containes 20 to 23 percent of meat. This pulse is a rich source of protein and vitamin B. It’s provides essential protein to the body. Our Mashkalai Dal is produced in the fields of lasharganj and jhitka of Manikganj. After dried well the pulses are peeled and fried in the oven, then Redeemed in the machine. Khaas Food’s offer for you pure and healthy Mashkalai Dal. To add extra taste in your daily meal, use khaas Food’s product.

Why Mashkalai Dal ?  

* Adulteration free.

* Free of dust and unwanted particles.

* Free from visible stones and sand.

* Fresh and Healthy.

* Produced  from Pure ingredients.

* Processed and packaged with direct supervision.


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