LIPEL BT-K - Organic Caterpillar Biopesticide 500g

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LIPEL BT-k - Organic Caterpillar Killer Biopesticide 500g (Environmentally Friendly Pest Control for Vegetables, fruit trees and palm trees)

* Environmentally friendly pest control
* Highly effective against caterpillar
* For caterpillar control on vegetables, fruit trees and palm trees
* Safe and non toxic to mammals and birds
* Approved for use in organic farms

How does LIPEL SP work?

LIPEL SP is a biopesticide based on a beneficial bacteria, Bacillus thuringensis var kurstaki (BT-k) found naturally occurring in soil. The spores from this bacteria contains unique crystal proteins which are excellent naturally occurring caterpillar killer and safe to humans.  When caterpillars into contact or feed on these crystal proteins, it causes an enzyme reaction which destroys the insect pests’ cell walls of their digestive tract. This stops the insect pest from feeding as little as 30 minutes after coming into contact with LIPEL SP, which eventually kills them after 1-3 days.

LIPEL SP does not affect insects and are harmless to birds, mammals and humans.

Why use LIPEL SP? 

 LIPEL has proven to be highly effective against caterpillars in agricultural crops, ornamentals or forestry. 
LIPEL is environmentally friendly and does not harm wildlife, beneficial insects and bees.
LIPEL has been used in organic agriculture across the world for many years. 
- Diamond back moths on vegetables
        - Armyworms on vegetables and lawn
       - Cutworms on vegetables
       - Cabbage loopers on vegetables
       - Cabbage white butterflies on vegetables
       - Swallowtails and fruit moths on fruit trees
       - bagworms on palm trees
       - fruit borers on fruit trees


How to use LIPEL SP?
Use with knapsack compression sprayer or motorised sprayer
For use against caterpillars in vegetables - apply at a rate of 10g of LIPEL per 10L of water
For use against caterpillars in palms  - apply at a rate of 25g of LIPEL per 10L of water
Reapplication every 7 days until no more caterpillars


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