Lexcon Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike With Heart Pulse Sensor

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Product details of Lexcon Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike with Heart Pulse Sensor    The Lexcon Magnetic Recumbent Bike gives you a great cardio workout in the convenience of your home. The workout is smooth and quiet so you can watch television or listen to music while you work out, and you'll never be bored with the built-in monitor that keeps you motivated by displaying speed, distance, time, and calories burned. The scan mode lets you track your progress without pushing buttons during your workout. The tension knob can be adjusted anytime to increase or decrease the intensity. The Magnetic Recumbent Bike is designed to put you in a semi-reclined position so you work all the major muscles in your hips, thighs, and buttocks. The Magnetic Recumbent Bike features the adjustable heavy-weighted flywheel resistance and belt drive train, so your bike pedals smoothly at any resistance level. The oversized foot pedals hold your feet securely, and the seat is padded and adjusts to fit most any size of rider. The walk-through design makes getting on and off the bike safe and easy.           Comfortable, padded upholstered vinyl seat with multiple seat positions and handrails      Lexcon InTouch monitor with large, easy-to-read numbers      Monitor tracks time, speed, distance, calories, and scans       Oversized, weighted pedals      Leveling stabilizer caps      Rolls for easy storage      Assembly size: 143cm x 60cm x 82cm       About Recumbent Exercise Bikes  Despite the competition from trendy new fitness inventions, exercise bikes continue to be popular options for home exercise. They offer the same aerobic benefits of riding a bicycle at any time, in any weather, without leaving the comfort and safety of home


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