Heron-G-WP-401 (4 Stage Online Water Filter)

Origin Product From Bangladesh

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Available Quantity: 100 Pieces

Tk. 4500Tk. 4650


Product Description of Heron-G-WP-401 (4-stage online water filter)

1. PP filter

2. Net carbon

3. Box carbon filter

4. Post carbon filter

G-WP-401 Heron Online Water Filter

Take a look at the GWP -401 filter

Do not file with water

Nothing is available directly on the waterline

Heron water filter with number four

PP filter

Box filter

Net filter

Post carbon filter

All of these filters will meet the meta of your water-borne accident and your body's testing is expensive.

Regular filtered water you will not stay away from the hand 60s

And if you are contacted, they are not like your child in the place

Today you have a glass of life water system one day with the little ones in your throat.

Monthly expenses:

If you filter this filter first filter filter filter filter after its filter the filter can stay longer and the amount of our pd filter is 60 taka if you don't want to test it then we should test it is beautiful? Beautiful

It should deposit the appropriate amount of Rs 300, including the service charge of one extra of current.


Eyebrow cost:

PD Filter's Filter Filter Your filter is as good and fragrant water as you can after every year. In all, it is within 1200 rupees


Service charge:

We cannot serve the same three of you when you approach a product. 300 will be charged for our government service.


Specification of Heron-GWP-401 (4 Stage Online Water Filter)





Filter type

4 more level systems - inline casting cores




Product details of Heron-G-WP-401 (4 Stage online water filter)

  • 1. PP filter
  • 2. Net Carbon
  • 3.Box Carbon filter
  • 4.Post Carbon filter


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