Fast Charge 12V 6A Portable Car & Motorcycle Lead Acid Battery Charge

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- Model: 12V 6A --
- Charging voltage: 14.4V --
- Charging current: 6A --
- Rechargeable range: 28-63AH --
- Float voltage: 15.2V --
- Input voltage : 220V AC 50HZ --
- Power supply wire length: approximate 85cm --
- Output wire length: approximate 37cm -- Size: 150 * 105 * 60mm ( L*W*H )
- How to use? Plugin the cable wire of the charger with your battery using the power adapter and the LED indicator will show GREEN when it is fully charged and RED when it is charging.
- Red clip to the positive (+), black clip to the negative (-), and then switch on power to charge the battery.
- Package: 1x Charger w/ Power Adapter Charging Clip 1x Box
- Note: If the LED color can't be changed from RED into the GREEN , it means that the battery may be broken and you need to check if the battery is broken in advance. If you don't use the battery for long time or lack of electrolyte, the voltage will be much lower and the battery will be easily broken and could not be charged anymore.


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