Exercise Bike

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Exercise Bike
Product Code: 10-232-01

Product Description :

*This exercise bike is made for home, indoor use, and tested up to a maximum body weight of 100kg!

*Using your exercise bike cycle will provide you with several benefits

*Improve your physical fitness, tone muscle and in conjunction with calorie controlled diet help you lose weight.

*Efficient Healthy Losing weight exercise

*Great for relaxation after whole day work

*Release tension and tire after whole day working in office

*Exercise your muscles and keep your body fit

*Suitable to use at home, office, indoor


*Model: VTORY

*Electronic Meter

*Timer (TMR)

*Speed (SPD)

*Distance (DIST)

*Calorie (CAL)

*Color: Red

*Dimension: 88*42*108 cm (Length*Width*Height)

*Supports up to 100kg


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