Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp

Origin Product From China

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Available Quantity: 500 Pieces

Tk. 790Tk. 840


Product details of Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp - green

Attract and capture mosquitoes

Attract and killing house flying

Kill bacterium

Get rid off harmful gases

Purifying air

Fashion and high efficent

Safe and nopoisonous

Green and environment protected

Mosquito Insects Trapper Killer Lamp , Prevents you from deadly diseases like dengue, malaria caused by mosquitoes, harmful infectious insect bites. Uses photocatalysis and ultraviolet tube light resembling the human beings smelling to attract mosquitoes flying sucked in by fan and dehydrate them in chamber and kills, This product is mainly use to kill insects like mosquitoes flies etc more then 200 types of insects, it adopts the real capture technology, rejecting the uselessness and exaggeration part of similar products, realizing the true efficiency, utility and novelty, Mosquitoes are attracted to get close by 400 nm light ray generated by UV lamp mosquitoes insects will be sucked by fan and dehydrate, PHOTOCATALYST Tube (TIO2 coating) the service life is more then 30000 hours it also purifies air, Insert plug and put it on depending upon the area to cut off power supply pull the plug out, Put at a meter height from ground for best results, Clean up the storage chamber clean it and put it back in ten fifteen days cycle, Can be used in multiple places rooms depending on use keep it off when mosquitoes largely removed or use in other rooms, if there will be more furniture or hiding places for mosquito use lamp for longer duration keep it on, do not check chamber often let mosquitoes insects dehydrate and die in chamber coz of fan, to kill the flies put candy or smelly sweet to attract flies towards chamber, Area coverage approx 60 Sq meter, Uses negligible very low electricity. Safe and ecofreindly.


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