Electric Air Pressure Eyes Care Heating Music Function

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1 x Eyes Massager
1 x User Manual
1 x USB Cable

Why do we need eye care massager?
Along with the rapid development of electronic products such as smartphone, tablet, computer etc., each of us is facing with different degrees of all kinds of eye discomfort, so it seems to become important to choose an eye care product for ourselves and whom we care about.--This cordless eye massager uses far infrared heating microcomputer chip control technology to help the eye muscles to carry out healthy care through the intelligent air pressure/hot compress/kneading pressure.
A powerful gift to IT groups, teachers, students, elder people and so on, so wear it and keep it at least 15 minutes every day, you will feel your eyes under gentle care, and your life is sunny every day.

- Enjoy ergonomic comfort and effective relief with the adjustable strap and bendable eye frame.
- 5 massage modes cycle working:
Mode 1: Air Pressure+Hot Compress+Music
Mode 2: Air Pressure+Music
Mode 3: Hot Compress+Music
Mode 4: Air Pressure+Hot Compress
Mode 5: Air Pressure
Mode 6: Hot Compress

Material: ABS+PC
Massage Time: 15 minutes default
Rated Power: 5W
Temperature: 38 - 42 Degrees
Recharge Connector: USB Recharge Connector
Battery: Built-in 950mAh li-ion battery
Color: White, Black
Size: 210mm*85mm*40mm

How to use?
1. Pressing the power button for 3 seconds and the product is switched on, the working status is hot compress; Pressing it again it will switch to air pressure status.
2. Press the third time it will switch to air pressure and hot compress together. In this case air pressure and hot compress work at the same time.
3. Turned on the power and blutooth signal icon will automatically blink, connect mobile phone bluetooth and play music on your phone.(Note: Massager can only connect one device at the same time.)
4. Press the power button the forth time for 3~4 seconds, it will be turned off.


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