DRYPERS TOUCH MEGA NB80 / S70 / M64 / L54 / XL46 / XXL36

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Drypers Touch offers premium softness for your baby’s ultimate comfort.

Drypers Touch is created with Pro Skin Technology; is made from a completely soft material with a cotton feel which breathes and comes with a super-absorbent core to effectively absorb and distribute urine.
Made from cotton feel materials which wonderfully soft on your baby’s delicate skin.

Super Dry Absorption Core - fast and effectively absorb urine to provide ultimate dryness
Soft Embossed Top Layer - highly absorbent lining that gently protects delicate skin
Cotton-Touch Backsheet - Breathable outer material that feels super soft for everyone
Skin-Gentle Leakage Barriers - Designed to be ultra effective yet gentle around the legs
Soft Stretchable Waist-Band - Soft elastics at the back waist for a perfectly tailored fit
Soft Fastening System - Soft taping zone with flexi tape fastening that gives comfort to your baby


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