Drinkit Advanced Water Purifier -Blue

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Product details of Drinkit Advanced Water Purifier -Blue

  • Total Capacity: 20 Liters
  • Primary Chamber Capacity: 11 Liters
  • Purified Chamber Capacity: 9 Liters
  • Purifying Flow Rate: 500 ml/min (depend on water qualities and Pressure)
  • 4 stages of a purification system
  • Filter Change Indication
  • Advanced Auto Shut off
  • Automatic overflow protection
  • Consumption capacity : 4000L

Drinkit Advanced Water Purifier

Drink it As Storage Water Purifier comes with some great feature like total capacity: 20 Liters, Primary Chamber Capacity: 11 Liters, Purified Chamber Capacity: 9 Liters, Purifying Flow Rate: 500 ml/min (depend on water qualities and Pressure), 4 stages purification system, Automatic overflow protection, Advanced Auto Shut off and Consumption capacity: 4000L.

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Drinkit Advanced Water Purifier


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