Comfortable Bed Sack Hospitalization Accessories White Quilt Cover

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All products are one-off products, all are made of skin permeable materials, environmental protection and breathable, high temperature hot rolling technology.
Disinfection products, easy to use and sanitary!
For travel, travel friends, hotels, hotel bedding is not complete, when camping in wet weather, dew and other issues, not on the grounds of the chat, this product will be your best choice!
Many love outdoor sports, camping, can put the suit inside the quilt set in a sleeping bag outside, which can not only protect the sleeping bags, prolong the service life, but clean and environmental protection, no regular cleaning of the sleeping bag!
If there is an old man or a patient at home, the dry and comfortable nonwoven fabric will make your family more comfortable.

Brand: Ayude
material: high quality non-woven fabric
#1: 180*220cm / 71*87inchs
1*sheet specification: 180*200cm
1*Quilt cover Specification:180*220cm
2*Pillowcase specification: 50cm*80cm

#2: 120*220cm / 47*87inchs
1*sheet specification: 120*200cm
1*Quilt cover Specification: 150*220cm
1*Pillowcase specification: 50cm*80cm
Color: pure white

Advantages: soft and comfortable, healthy skin, health and environmental protection, anti mite septum
Applicable objects: visitors to travel, patients in bed, postoperative patients, incontinence patients, parturients, etc.

Scope of application: hotel accommodation, travel, business travel, hospitalization, family care, etc.

1. Please don't tear up.

2. Do not use the electric blanket and so on

3. Avoid high temperature, humidity, direct sunlight

4, keep the place where the child can't touch it

5, after Kaifeng should be used as soon as possible

6. This product is made by cutting and sewing of non-woven fabric. No waterproof effect. Please pay attention to the use of it.
soft and comfortable, skin-friendly health, environmental protection, anti-mite bacteria
The non-woven fabric of this product is made by cutting and sewing.

The one-off travel bed is designed for travel.

The independent packaging is small and portable, moistureproof and breathable.

The hygienic and environmental disinfection products can be used safely.

Avoid cross infection of unclean bed.
Green care makes life full of the taste of sunshine.
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