COACH Classic Explosion Three-Piece Belt Leather Watch Disc Female Watch

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☆Product brand ☆ COACH ☆Product color ☆ Black gold, brown coffee, silver silver, white silver, white gold, brown silver, brown gold ☆裱面 diameter ☆ about 38mm ☆Products included ☆ COACH purchase certificate, COACH gift bag, COACH care instruction card, gift box ☆ Shipment location ☆ Shipped from New York City, USA, and then sent to the buyer in Taipei. ☆Transportation time ☆ After the buyer has received the receipt of the goods, the goods will be received after "5 ~ 7" days.  ☆Store rules 1☆ This store supports return and exchange! ☆Store Rules 2☆ Buyers need to check out within 3 working days after winning the bid or provide the consignee's phone number and address in the message board喔 ☆Store rules 3☆ Because each screen distinguishes different colors, photos and objects are inevitably subject to some errors. Buyers who cannot tolerate a little color difference should be cautious. ☆Store Rules 4☆ If there is a quality problem with the goods, the store does not accept other reasons for returning the goods. The subscripts represent 100% agreement with the rules of the store唷 ☆Remarks 1☆ The goods are purchased at the discount shop of COACH factory, which is characterized by high cost performance. Perfectionism customers suggest to go to the counter to pick them in person. ☆Remarks 2☆ If there are other problems, you can ask questions, our customer service will reply to you quickly, please maintain good communication and mutual respect and understanding. ☆Remarks 3☆ Occasionally there is a small thread, and the problem of slight friction in the package is unavoidable. We will check the product as carefully as possible before shipment. ☆Remarks 4☆ I hope that everyone respects our hard work and hopes that the water and water can buy the best value baby at the best price. The hipster family will never let you down, and the hipster family will treat each pen with care. Customer list, I hope everyone can be happy to buy, full of satisfaction and return! Grateful!


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