Children Toddler Toilet Trainer Training Potty Seat With Ladder

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·         Removable toilet trainer, can be easily detached from toilet bowl within seconds

·         Suitable for child from age  2-5

·         Handrails for child’s safety

·         Encourages children to be independent

·         Height can be adjusted to fit the child

·         Adjustable legs with 4 rubbers anti slip stoppers

·         Hygienically safe, sanitary & comfortable

·         Made from non-toxic materials

Children's Toddler Toilet Trainer with Ladder is an ingenious toilet trainer seat with step stool. Young children can be independent while feeling safe & secure. Fold away neatly for easy storage. Sturdy, comfortable and fits most toilets. Its comfortable for your little one to sit on and easy to use with handles on each side making it safe to climb on to.


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