Baseus Star Mosquito Killing Lamp

Origin Product From China

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Available Quantity: 500 Pieces

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Product details of Baseus Star Mosquito Killing Lamp

Brand: Baseus

Name: Baseus Star Mosquito

Killing Lamp

Model: DH-MWK11

Colour: White

Rated voltage: DC 5V

Current: 1A

Power: 5W

Baseus Star Mosquito Killing Lamp

Be sure to turn on the mosquito killer in the bedroom (at least 3 hours) in advance and do not open it before you go to sleep.

It is better to use in an environment without human to achieve better mosquito eradication effect, because body temperature and odor of human can attract mosquitoes.

This product adopts the physical mosquito killing method, without any medical or chemical components, so it takes time to kill mosquitoes after being turned on.

At least 24 hours later to view the mosquito storage box, because it is the use of physical mosquito control, mosquitoes are dehydrated by air-dried, so the process takes a certain time, if often open, afraid of not dead mosquitoes escape.

When it is the first time to use it, please keep it working continuously for more than 48 hours. Please close doors and windows during the day and pull the curtains to ensure that it is used in a dark environment. Place it about 1 meter above the ground. Do not turn on the lights, do not open the windows and doors, and do not place it in the outlet of air-conditioner or fan, make sure other lights are off and the mosquito killer is the only light source.


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