【Available】Doors And Gates In The Doorway Are Safe And Easy To Enter. Door Mats Are Welcome To The M

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Buyers notice: 1, [shipping time] We are the mainland shipment, the stores are all in stock, within 48 hours after placing orders issued, logistics will arrive at the international logistics warehouse began to update, normal 7-10 days can be served oh ~ Don't answer the urgent order!! Something can't be picked up. If you go abroad for reasons, please be cautious about the index! 2. Please confirm the consignee's name, telephone number, and address when ordering. Order name and ID are inconsistent. of. If there are other circumstances, please consult! We will use 12 points of energy to help you deal with any problems! 3, [inspection standards] such as: the first line, buttonhole is not open, the screen color, slightly off the line, very little 3-5 cm of stain size error, in the international inspection standards are acceptable range, are not part! 4、Quality issues such as: less delivery, slow logistics, etc. Please contact our customer service for your first time, please do not rush to negative comments, oh, we have suggestions or insufficient places in the store, welcome feedback We try our best to satisfy every customer! Customer service online time: 09:00-01:00 ◆ There is a size problem style price problem please use to talk to us to find out specific oh ~


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