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 Product description: Prepared by the natural aloe extract, mild and refreshing formula, moist and clean, clean and clean the excess grease and dirt, clean the skin at the same time the water is not tight, moderate care, clean tender skin beauty, skin to enjoy clean and delicate. Ingredients: water, glycerol ,satiric acid,palmitic acid myristic acid,lauric acid, aloe Vera(ALOE VERA)extract collagen amino acid, butanediol trehalose, potassium hydroxide ,propylene glycol bis (hydroxymethy) imidazolidinyl uria,indopropynyl alcohol beauty carbonate ,flavor . How to use: Take appropriate amount of this product in the palm of your hand and water, rub out the foam and then gently massage the face circle and then wash with water (with the same series of products with better result).


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