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Applying different vibration, massaging and heating function through infrared method, EyeTune eye massager is designed by making use of computer chip control technology and far infrared to help increase oxygen supply to the human eyes. It improves not only the function of the ciliary muscle but also helps in promoting metabolism of human eyes which in turn helps to relax your eyes after facing computers for hours and hours in your daily life.
By using EyeTune eye massager it helps you to keep healthier eyesight. It also equipped with music function for
more relaxing phenomenon during the massaging. It adapts gentle air pressure functionality to make the massage process even more relaxing and effective in pursuing healthy eyesight.
Eyetune  is also equipped with a buit-in 3D magnetic field. The constant movement of the magnetic field provides effective massage to the main parts of your face and the muscles around your eyes.
Scope of application
For those who suffer from pseudomyopia
For those who suffer eyesight fatigue due working with computers/TV or any consumer electronics for long hours
For those who feel tensed and anxious
For those who are suffering from insomnia
3 levels of adjustable air pressure frequency
2 levels of far infrared heating selection
3 presets timer (5, 10 and 15 minutes settings)
3 types of music selections: Relaxing, Brainwave and Nature
Several level of vibration frequencies
Tecnical parameters:
Ideal environment temperature: 5°C - 40°C
Magnetic field strength: 50mT - 250mT
Input power: DC 6V 1A
Power: 6W
Net weight: 485g
Package contents:
1 x EyeTune eye massager (with connected remote control)
1 x Wall charger
1 x Earphones
1 x English user's manual


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