6 Blades USB Portable Electric Juicer Blender with LED Light

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Product specifications:

Commodity material: material edible grade borosilicate glass material + food grade rubber seal Number of blades: 6 blades Battery voltage: 7.4V Capacity: 0.38L Juicer additional features: crushed ice milkshake juice Product size: 100*95*270mm


Long press the button for 3 seconds: the juice time shows "40" seconds / time

Click button: battery display

Product function description:

1. When charging, the digital screen displays the percentage;

2. When the discharge is working, it will display the countdown for 40 seconds and then stop working;

3. When charging, the button is invalid;

4. When the machine is working, the battery is connected to the battery at this time, and the machine stops immediately and switches to the charging mode.

5. Press and hold the button for 2 seconds to start the machine;

6. When the machine starts to encounter an object, the blade stops displaying "DD" immediately. At this time, the button is invalid within 5 seconds, and returns to normal after 5 seconds.

7. Protection function:

8. Separate power-off protection: after the base is separated from the cup, the machine cannot be turned on;

9. Idling protection: When the machine is idling, it stops after 5 seconds and displays “CH”;

10. The cup is not installed in place, prompting "--"; Charging protection: full power prompt "FF"; The battery is used a lot, prompting "FN"



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