12V Portable Auto Vehicle Polisher Electric Floor Car Waxing Polishing Machine

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Classic fashion, elegant appearance; easy to operate, long-term use of liquid will not fatigue; high-performance motor, easy to complete waxing, polishing, etc. without effort.

[name]: car waxing polishing machine

[color]: blue

[Electrical line length]: 4500mm

[Lighting plate]: 160mm

[Working voltage]: 11-14VDC

[rated power]: 50W

[Motor speed]: 3600RPM

[Fuse specifications]: 10A glass test tube type slow-break fuse *1

[Net weight]: about 805g

[Package]: 1pcs / color box

[Color box size]: 310X220X220mm

[suitable models]: universal type


1. The waxing machine is linked to the 12V cigarette lighter inside the car;

2. Apply a thin layer of wax to the sponge disk;

3. Turn on the power switch of the waxing machine;

4. Evenly waxing on each surface of the car;

5. Wipe off excess wax with a towel;

6. Replace with another sponge disc for polishing;


1. This product uses 12V power supply;

2, easy to use, even if used for a long time will not fatigue;

3, using high-performance motor, you can easily complete waxing, polishing, etc. without effort;

4. This product is easy to operate and lightweight, so ladies can also use it easily;

[Box contents]:

One host
One copy of the instructions
One certificate
Propine a spare white cotton cover

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