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【Deep Cleansing Tonic Shampoo 1000ml】
Ideal for oily hair, hair loss and damaged hair. Contains Panthenoic acid Hydrolysed Keratin to condition, strengthen and provide nutrition to the hair. Helps maintain a healthy scalp.

【Treatment Shampoo 1000ml】
Best treatment for coloured and permed hair, which is usually dry and brittle. Added moisturizers, proteins and conditioners help to restore the natural balance of the hair to produce soft and radiant hair. It minimizes colour fading and maintains your perm after each wash.

【PH Balancing Conditioner 1000ml】
Designed to restore the natural pH of the hair after perming, colouring and shampooing. Smoothens hair and adds volume to it, bringing out the shine within seconds.

【Scalp Cleansing Shampoo 头发调理洗发精1000ml】
Effective for control of dandruff, itchy dry scalp and seborrhea with regular use.

【 Ion Perm Shampoo 1000ml】
An exlcusive shampoo for chemically treated hair especially after an ion perm straightening process of the hair. Also ideal after cold wave perms and color treat hair. Exclusive Ion Perm Shampoo is pH adjusted to counter the effect of high alkalinity and harshness after each perm. Use daily for maximum protection to your hair to restore it to its natural glossy and soft state. Natural Wheat Protein adds to the nourishment and protection of the hair against heat and brushing.
Directions for us
Wet hair, appply to hair and massage gently. Rinse throughly. Repeat if necessary.


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