12.12 SALE! 20ml - VLKare Feminine Mist Wash Perfume No Rinse

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- Suitable for every women including normal, period time, menopause, confinement, etc. 
- Remove white or normal discharge instantly (Keputihan atau cecair berlebihan)
- Keep Your V Moist and Soft All The Time
- Anti Septic, Anti Bacteria, Anti Fungi
- Remove Odor, Discomfort and Iritation
- Firming and Tightening your Miss V
- Keep Your V Healthy All The Time
- Can be use as cleanser if you not able to clean your miss v with water (dirty public toilet / no water)
- Can Be Use Daily & Spray it As Much You Like
- Say No More to Panty-Liner
- No Rinse Needed
- Easy to Carry Anywhere You Go 
- France Tehnology
- Natural and Safe to Use Including Pregnant and During Confinement Period
- Secret Berry Flavor


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