10L Car Home Dual-Use Refrigerator Refrigeration Heating Mini Freezer Outdoor

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cooling temperature:20 degrees below ambient temperature.
Maximum cooling temperature:65℃
Power:75- 80 (W)
Working voltage: 220V home 12V for car

These days, cars are playing an increasingly important role in our daily life. Sometimes, we will spend a large part of the day staying in cars. Furthermore, some people like having a long package journey and sleeping in the car. Therefore, how to gain food and store them will be a part and parcel of what whose have to face. The car refrigerator will be a good choice for them. They can enjoy the delicious meal and see the splendid scenery along the road at the same time. 

Features:  - Cooler  The device can be used as a cooler and the inner temperature is 20 Deg.C lower than the surrounding temperature.  - Warmer  The device can be used as a warmer and the inner temperature can come up to more or less 65 Deg.C.  - Free-standing  It is easy and simple to carry the device in view of the fact that it will not take up much space and the complimentary strap will be a helper.  - Less noise  When the device operates, it will not make a noticeable noise.  - Environmentally-friendly  The refrigerator will reduce the energy consumption and do not use refrigerant which is detrimental to the environment.


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