Seller Code of Conduct

Seller Code of Conduct

Business Integrity, Anti Bribery

Business must be done with a high level of morals, genuineness and reasonable dealings; guaranteeing staff knows about such strategies/techniques and doesn't participate in dangers, pay off or defilement rehearses. The contribution, paying, requesting or tolerating of rewards or kick-backs, including help installments, is carefully denied.

Child Labor

Work of kids in any structure is carefully denied. Colleagues and providers will utilize just those laborers, who meet the base age measure of 14 years or lawful least age for working in a particular nation, whichever is more prominent. Further, laborers underneath 18 years old ought not be utilized night shifts and in risky conditions. Every single appropriate law identifying with youthful work including business, compensation, working hours, extra time and working conditions will be consented to.

Forced Labor

All types of constrained and reinforced work are precluded including necessary additional time. Laborers ought to have the option to deliberately end their work with no limitations. Any limitations on workers to willfully end their business, for example, unnecessary notification periods or significant fines for firing their work contracts, are restricted.

Harassment & Abuse

Workers ought to be treated with deference and poise and ought not be exposed to any type of physical maltreatment or control, the risk of physical maltreatment, sexual or other provocation and boisterous attack or different types of terrorizing.


Workers ought not be exposed to segregation in business, including employing, pay, advancement or control, based on sex, race, religion, position, age, handicap, sexual direction, pregnancy, conjugal status, nationality, political supposition, worker's organization association, social or ethnic starting point or different status secured by law

Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining

The privileges of workers to legitimately relate or not to connect with gatherings based on their personal preference will be regarded, according to material laws. The privilege of workers to take part in aggregate bartering as allowable by law will likewise be perceived.

Regular Employment

To every extent possible work performed should be on the basis of recognized employment relationship established through national law and practice.

Wages & Benefits

Workers ought to be paid in an auspicious way and at a rate at the very least the lowest pay permitted by law as required by State and Local laws. Workers ought to likewise be given legitimately commanded advantages, including occasions and leaves, and statutory remunerations at the hour of closure business. There ought not be any disciplinary reasonings from their compensation.

Working Hours

The term of working hours including additional time will not surpass 60 hours of the week. Providers should consent to appropriate laws overseeing ordinary working hours and additional time hours. All additional time hours are willful and ought to be repaid according to lawful prerequisites. Representatives ought to be furnished with at any rate 24 back to back long stretches of rest in each multi day time frames.

Health & Safety

Representatives ought to be given proper sheltered and solid working conditions including medical aid, fire wellbeing, crisis departure and other essential prerequisites, for example, flask/feasting zone, drinking water, sanitation and so on. A framework set up to distinguish and moderate work place perils which can bring about disease or physical damage to the representatives, guest or networks.


Natural activities are viewed as a necessary piece of dependable assembling. Sensible measures ought to be taken to stay away from any unfriendly effect on human wellbeing and additionally the earth by keeping away from or limiting contamination from assembling exercises, and advancing feasible utilization of such assets as vitality and water.

Compliance with Local Law

Colleagues and Providers will follow all nearby and national laws and guidelines of the purviews where we are working together just as the acts of individual industry. Colleagues and providers will additionally work with providers who are focused on fulfilling required guidelines according to neighborhood and national laws.

Right of Inspection/Audit

Dhakaboss or an outsider assigned by Dhakaboss will take certain activities, for example, reported or unannounced assessment/review of generation offices of its Providers, to execute and screen these measures. All perceptions, talks and composed data got from the provider are to be dealt with privately by Dhakaboss, its representatives and any outsider associations delegated by Dhakaboss for this reason.


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